Mission Statement

We came to the East Cape in Baja to share the beautiful, peaceful nature, and love of trails with others!

In every tour we aspire to create long lasting memories of outdoor experiences in Baja California.  Whether it’s an exhilerating mountain bike descent, rekindling childhood memories on an e-bike, or a liesurely hike into a remote quiet canyon with a waterfall, we thrive on leaving our customers with a dreamy impression of their adventure. When customers return home, they have more appreciation, knowledge and love of Baja and can’t wait to come back for their next adventure with us!

Teresa’s Tours offers hiking tours, mountain bike tours, ebike tours, mountain bike rentals and will provide unique and personalized tours to capture the essence of the sea and summits of Baja California, Mexico.

We measure our success by he enjoyment of our guests!

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Our Team

Our team is built by experienced business experts steadfast about bringing top-quality people, services, and products to provide the best experience possible.  We take great pride in our local guides, and Kevin who’s 30 years of passion for the area makes it a fun hike or ride while he shares a little natural history with you.

Teresa Kindred, Chair

During her formative years, Teresa worked at her father’s side in the family business while he created a successful retail store and was viewed as an icon in the community of San Jose, California. Customer service was paramount to drawing loyal customers from near and far. This insistance on superb service and viewing customers as part of her community has been engrained in her since childhood.

Teresa led a successful sales executive career in high technology for over 30 years. Her success propelled her to a worldwide sales role where she was able to experience great achievements through bringing brilliant minds together from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Even though technology sales had been Teresa’s passion she made a pivotal change after surviving breast cancer, to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

This led to the reemergence of Teresa’s other passion, food and cooking. After learning the principles of using whole, live plant-based foods to heal her body, Teresa found relearning to prepare healthy food was an adventure and discovered many were also hungry to learn about preparing flavorful healthy foods. Fueled by others’ curiosity she was compelled to share her passion for delicious food alternatives with others.

Teresa later attended Living Light Culinary Institute in Northern California to deepen her learning and to enable her to share her newfound passion at a professional level. Teresa now has mastery certifications in Raw Vegan Culinary, Raw Vegan Deserts, Raw Vegan Ethnic, Raw Vegan Spa and Gourmet Cuisines to which she may incorporate cooked plant-based foods.

Teresa’s vast experience has allowed her to begin a new business venture with her husband, Kevin. Together they are creating unique and quality experiences for people to enjoy the outdoors, and recently they have begun offering lessons and consulting to make delicious living food for optimum health.

With Teresa’s ability to manage complex situations and teams with much detail and moving parts, this allows her to bring excellence to the operations of the business. Most importantly her passion for service translates to giving you a warm, fun and professional team from which to build memorable experiences.

Kevin Kindred, Co-Chair

To Kevin there is no greater beauty than being outdoors on a remote trail and taking in the silence, smells and sounds of nature. Whether he hikes, bikes, or e-bikes to these locations, he believes the greatest peace, joy and excitement lives in these places. For Kevin, the exhileration and tranquility of mountain bike riding has its roots in his childhood.

“When I was a young boy growing up in Lake Tahoe, I noticed everyone else was bigger than I, including my brother. I was picked on and all I ever wanted to do is ride a bike in the dirt like the bigger guys and my brother. The first opportunity I had to ride a bike, did I ever! I kept riding until Mom called us in for dinner and that still took some coaxing. I’ll never forget how I felt; I was free and could ride away from things and people that troubled me. The freedom of mountain bike is like no other, just totally awesome and your always just a ride away from reconnecting your soul and positive energy!”

Kevin says, most of his close friendships were forged with this hiking and biking connection. He feels really blessed that he is able to live his dream and look forward to every day sharing this wonderful place with other people, many of whom become friends! From an exhilerating trail descent or just a liesure to the local vistas and lunch afterward at one of the local restaurants, every day is a good day!