If you live where there’s snow, winter can spell disaster for your mountain biking passion. Facing months of cold temperatures and treacherous snow can really get your spirits down. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! If you don’t want your bike to gather dust this winter, you have options!

Beat the Winter Blues on These Trails

  • Phoenix, AZ
    • You don’t have to worry about snow here; Phoenix just doesn’t get any. Its January temperatures rarely go below 43 at night and above 67 during the day. In February, things warm up to 71 during the day and 46 during the night. These amazing temperatures are accompanied by more trails than you could ever want. Some of our favorites include the Sonoran Trail and Hawes Loop. Where parks are concerned, South Mountain park and McDowell park are both incredible.
  • Madeira, Portugal
    • If you’re looking for a diverse selection of excellent trails off the beaten path, Madeira is the destination for you. It offers everything from quick trails on earthy ground to technical trails with lots of rocks. Keep in mind that you’ll be dealing with dramatic altitude changes, and you’ll probably appreciate a bike with 160 mm of travel.
  • Albuquerque, NM
    • This is one of the top destinations for mountain bikers in North America because of its fantastic trails, including the Sandia Mountains Foothills trails, White Mesa Trail System, Ellena Gallegos Open Space, and the 10k trail. It gets a bit colder than Phoenix and San Jose, falling to around 23 degrees at night in January. It also does get about 10 inches of snow, but it is well worth visiting for the trails.
  • Moab, UT
    • We love this location because it also gets fewer than 10 inches of snow a year. It’s a desert environment, which means the temperatures are a bit more extreme. January sees them drop to 18 degrees at night and rise to 42 during the day. However, it warms up very quickly and hits 60-degree highs by March. Moab is famous for its trails and is pretty much required riding for any mountain biker. If you visit in winter, you’ll love the Amasa Back Area, Porcupine Rim, and Slickrock, which are both in the lower elevations. The higher elevations will probably be covered in snow, but if you visit in the summer, you’ll be able to ride The Whole Enchilada as well as all of the other trails.
  • La Palma, Spain
    • If you want to get outside the United States, this volcanic island provides an incredibly unique environment. The island has a mountain rim that splits the island into two unique climate zones. The sun side features incredible trails that will take you from below-freezing temperatures in the heights, down through 2,000 meters of altitude, and into very warm temperatures on the beach. On the way, you’ll pass through fascinating microclimates and vegetation. The trails are challenging and feature fine sand and lava rock. You will want to pack extra-tough tires and extra brake pads when you tackle La Palma’s trails.
  • Finale Ligure
    • Love the coast? You will love Finale Ligure. When it comes to timing for visiting this location, it’s best to get there when the Enduro World Series finishes. Things get really quiet then, and you’ll be able to enjoy the trails without being hassled by crowds. You’ll love the mild temperatures too! When you ride Finale Ligure, you get to choose from rocky trails on the coast and dreamily smooth trails near the Nato base. If you get the itch to explore, there are plenty of old towns with delightfully winding streets and local eateries just waiting to be discovered.

Visit Baja

If you want a combination of all the best features listed in the locations above, it’s time to come to Baja with Theresa’s Tours. We offer world-class mountain biking and guided hiking trips in the Baja California Peninsula. Contact us for more information and escape your winter blues!