Winter has a way of stretching out, especially if you’re waiting for the snow to clear out so you can get your mountain bike out again. However, instead of waiting for summer to arrive, you can go find summer-like conditions now. In our last blog, we discussed some of our favorite American and international riding destinations. Today, we have a few more locations for you to consider!

Beat the Winter Blues on These Trails

  • Sintra und Algarve, Portugal
    • These are two regions on the Atlantic coast of Portugal known for their vibrant riding communities and year-round mild temperatures. Trail conditions are great because there’s very little rainfall. Even better, new trails are almost constantly added, which means you can explore all the way from the beaches to the fragrant eucalyptus forests. You won’t have to worry about hikers, but you may want to get some input from local guides. There are so many trails, it can be easy to get lost!
  • Laguna Beach, CA
    • If you want to ride California, there’s nothing like staying by the coast. Languna’s January average low is 43 and its high is 65. You won’t have to worry about snow because Laguna Beach doesn’t get any at all. One of our favorite things about Laguna Beach is that fact that you can park your car and access a bunch of different trails, including Laguna Coast Wilderness Park and Aliso and Wood Canyons. Orange County is just a hop, skip, and a jump away, which makes it easy to enjoy Whiting Ranch and The Luge, two of its best trails. If you’re craving a mountain shuttle run, drive north to Mount Lowe.
  • Sedona, AZ
    • Though Sedona gets about three inches of snow a year, it affects about two days and that’s it. You’re pretty much guaranteed great winter riding, especially in January, when the low is 31 and the high is 56. We love Sedona for its locals, who build legal trails every year. Seriously, even if you rode Sedona last year, it’s a safe bet that Sedona has a new legal trail for you to try. Don’t forget the classic trails, including the Hogs, Hangover, and Hiline.
  • San Jose, CA
    • This is another location that gets 0.0 inches of snow, the perfect getaway for any mountain biker looking for dry dirt trails. San Jose’s January lows fall only to 42 degrees and only get warmer from there. You’re also in an amazing location to access the oceanside trails in Santa Cruz. We highly recommend you ride the Demo Forest and drive over the mountains to ride the UCSC trails and El Corte De Madera.
  • Tuscon, AZ
    • As you would expect for any location in Arizona, Tucson is lucky to get an inch of snowfall per year. The temperature barely gets below 38 in February, which makes it amazing that any snow falls at all. This incredible mountain biking location features well-known trails like the 50-Year Trail, Fantasy Island, Rail X Ranch, Sweetwater Preserve, and certain portions of the Arizona Trail. However, when you ride in Tucson, you’re really close to Mexico and the incredible trails it offers.

Come to Baja

When it comes to sun, beaches, and world-class mountain biking, nobody beats Baja California in Mexico. Turn to Theresa’s Tours for year-round guided tours of the most beautiful place on earth!