No matter what time of year it may be, if you’re looking for a dream destination, you’re looking for Baja California. This gorgeous landscape not only invites relaxing and soaking in peace; it also encourages exploration and exhilaration. Biking is one of the best ways to get around, but it pays to be ready. We have some tips below (and a packing list for you at the end!).

Essential Bike Tour Tips

Stick with your group.

  • If you have a sense of adventure, the Baja California landscape will wake it up like no other. The canyons, hills, cacti, and giant blue sky pull everyone’s eyes to the horizon or down intriguing paths. While on your guided mountain biking tour with us, resist the urge to go off-trail and explore. We can guarantee that our team has explored all the directions you might see, and we know there are drops, cactus thickets, or un-navigatable terrain. We have also designed our designated routes to be as adventurous as possible, so hopefully, you won’t feel the need to go off-trail in the first place. You’ll be enjoying yourself too much!

Take advantage of our guides’ expert knowledge.

  • Whether you’re a bike trip veteran or you’re trying it for the first time, make sure you stick with your guide and learn all you can. Baja California is a stunning location and our entire team is passionate about sharing all we have learned about it. We are also dedicated to ensuring that your bike trip is all it can be, which means we will constantly be working to understand how you’re doing and what you need. Let us know if you get tired, experience pain, or get upset. Our routes are designed to present varying levels of challenge, and we want you to feel free to experience them honestly. We are here to help!

Consider training before your trip.

  • We started Teresa’s Tours of Baja because we wanted to make one of the most gorgeous landscapes on earth accessible to anyone on-foot or on a bike. That is why we have a wide variety of trail difficulties and ride lengths. That being said, many people feel more confident when they’ve done a little riding at home before coming our way. If that isn’t you and you’re ready to dive in with us, go easy and we’ll help you have the best mountain bike ride of your life!

Choose realistic goals and routes.

  • To follow off the last tip, we want to encourage you to choose routes that you know will be fun first and challenging second. For some people, “fun” and “challenging” are synonymous, but the last thing you want is to end up halfway out and feeling completely out of your depth. The key to enjoying Baja California is making sure you can do more than stare at the trail in front of your bike tire. You should have the bandwidth to enjoy the view and take a deep breath without stressing about making it back.

Tour With Us!

When you invest in a mountain biking tour with Teresa’s Tours of Baja, you get a world-class package that will have you coming back every time you can. Learn more about our biking tours today!