Vacations are always better when you’re prepared. Even though Baja California is so beautiful you could almost show up with only the shirt on your back and have an amazing time, there are a few things you can do to make the experience even better. We offered some tips in our last blog, and we have some more for you today (as well as list of items all trail riders need)!

Essential Bike Tour Tips Continued

Embrace being a cyclist.

Some people come into our mountain biking tours hoping they can get through without taking care of themselves. Many times, these people are used to flying by the seats of their pants, and they are generally the ones who end up struggling through our tours. We encourage you to make the most of your trip! You’re probably taking time off of work to do it, so get the most from your time by investing in the right gear and taking care of yourself. That means wearing high-quality shorts and socks that will help you lose less water. Drink more water than you think you’ll need. Feed yourself energy-rich food from our resort and bring snacks. Lastly, take the time to stretch after each ride. Doing so will get you loosened up and able to enjoy the sunset on the beach that much more.

Don’t weigh yourself down.

One of the best things about bike rides is that you can travel light. That means you don’t have to pack a lot of luggage in the first place, making for a more relaxing trip in general. You will return to the Buena Vista beach Resort and Spa every night, so it may be nice to pack some comfortable evening clothes so you can change. A bathing suit for the beach is definitely a must! You can bring some sandles, but we guarantee they’ll come off the minute you hit the sand. There is nothing better than cooling your feet off in turquoise waters after an exhilarating bike ride!

Keep a positive attitude.

If you’re feeling anxious or discouraged about being able to keep up with your group or handle the trail, keep your chin up! Having a good attitude will give you that little courage you need to take on a rock garden or a slope and then realize it wasn’t nearly as difficult as you thought it would be. Additionally, our guides are here to help and accommodate your needs, ensuring that you get a great experience. Communicate with your guide and have fun!

Make sure your bike fits you.

When you’re handling mountain biking trails, you really want your bike to become an extension of your body. You shouldn’t be fighting it, and it shouldn’t be fighting you. For instance, it is going to be difficult for you to get up hills if your seat is too low. If the frame is too big or too small, you’ll be stretched out or curled up in ways that just aren’t comfortable. Our expert team will make sure you’re matched with the right bike (and helmet) before you leave on any rides. We’ve got you covered!

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