Well, winter is upon those of us in the northern hemisphere, and that means a lot of mountain bikes are gathering dust in garages. While taking a winter breather can be good for many people’s riding passions, the cold has a tendency to drag. And even when it starts to warm up, you’re looking at rain-soaked trails for a few weeks. When the forecast shows more snow and your cabin fever has you going crazy, you’d be smart to consider packing up your bike and traveling to a land where the sun is hot, the trails are dry, and the beach is there to cool your feet after a long ride. You need Baja!

Though fondly called “Baja” by tourists, the location we’re talking about is actually the Baja California Peninsula. Part of Mexico, it is world-renowned for its incredible variety of ecoregions and pristine beauty. You can enjoy incredible fishing on the Gulf of California, watch California Gray Whales migrate, and really dive into everything the landscape has to offer on a bike or your own two feet. Theresa’s Tours of Baja is here to give you the best experience possible by handling logistics and allowing you to customize your tour for maximum enjoyment.

Discover the Holy Grail of Mountain Biking

While the entire Baja Peninsula is treasured for its variety of landscapes and unique foliage, Theresa’s Tours is proud to be located in Baja’s East Cape, a particularly beautiful area with a unique range of terrain. We not only have access to incredible mountains and high desert, you can also enjoy white sand beaches and glorious water. One of the best things about the area is the hiking and mountain biking trails that have built up over the decades. It is a heritage created by people who love to explore, and it’s all available to you in the capable hands of our guides!

Baja’s Trail Network

Our trails are built into the Sierra Mountains of Mexico, an incredible mountain range that offers about 2,000 feet of altitude to our trail selections. When you ride with one of our talented guides, you will see how each trail has a unique personality. If you check out the map on our biking tour page, you’ll see the trails you have to choose from, including Diegos, Bonita, Cara Cara, Longhorn, and Playground. These are just a few of the trails you can enjoy. They range from easy, relaxing trails that get you a great view and an exhilarating experience, to black diamond trails that will push your skills to the limit, leaving you thrilled and satisfied as you relax on the beach in the evening.

The area’s network trail is complex, and you won’t want to spend time trying to figure out where you are. You also don’t want to dive into a trail that is too difficult or too easy for you. After all, you’re probably on a vacation, and each day should be a jewel. Let us guarantee your enjoyment with our range of trail types and lengths, our passionate guides making sure you experience the highlights of each trip out and back from our resort.

Escape the Cold With Theresa’s Tours

Don’t languish as January and February drag along. Instead, secure a mountain biking tour in Baja with us and get ready to soak in the sun!