Teresa’s Tours Will Take Care Of Them

I did a custom MTB trip with Teresa’s Tours in April 2016.    I have traveled to Cabo many times over the years and I didn’t know what to expect doing a MTB vacation north of Cabo in the East Cape of Baja.     From the start of the trail I didn’t think much of it, until we ascended about a mile on single track and then I was really amazed how beautiful it was with plants, trees, cactus and the constant impeccable views of the ocean along the way.

I was surprised at how well the trails were maintained and marked, even better than many that I ride in the states.   In addition there was as much challenge as I wanted and if I wanted to just cruise a little bit and take in the incredible Baja environment that was ok too.   The guide was very knowledgeable of the area and let me pace out the way I wanted too!

The stay was great, the people in town welcome you and the local food is outstanding.   And I Still had plenty of time for a few margaritas and some swims in the warm ocean.

I would highly recommend this trip to any of my serious MTB friends and I know Teresa’s Tours will take care of them!

Traveling from Chico, CA

Carson Wellman