Top-rated local tour service

“Most smiles per dirt mile.”  We don’t just talk about it; we live this motto.  When you are happy, we are happy!


Top-rated local guides

Our guides are passionate about what they do.  They know the trails well because they helped build them!  They are living their dreams out on the trails and love to share them with others.  This is why Teresa’s tour guides are the best at what they do!


Small company owners on-site

We listen to customers because we live here, too!  Our first-hand feedback is critical to the customer experience.  Every day, we find ways to make our  guided tours even better!


Each tour is its own adventure

Whether you are hiking or biking, Teresa’s Tours blends local culture and ecology into the adventure.  Each tour is exhilarating, including education, local flavor, making lifelong memories. This is why we are the number-one local adventure company!


Giving back to the community

Building trails is just one way we give back to the community.  We always look for ways to help locals, especially children, and we know that Teresa’s Tours can be successful only when our community is strong and healthy.


Top-Rated Local business, offering:

Teresa’s Tours is known for:

  • Highest-rated customer satisfaction in Baja California, Mexico
  • Most smiles per dirt mile